Our Cannabis Educators

Susan Boskey

Phone: 360 788 4534

Lifestyle Wellness Rx: Empowering Breakthroughs in Health with Medicinal Cannabis and Holistic Lifestyle Strategies in Washington State.

Lifestyle Wellness Rx is a medicinal cannabis and alternative health practice in Washington State designed to empower clients to breakthrough physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.* Once identifying key stressors, and with determination to get more out of life, clients are served via medicinal cannabis and lifestyle strategies to increase health and wellbeing.

As a Certified Cannabis Educator I take the 'whole' of someone into consideration by doing a thorough initial assessment, which includes finding if there is any drug interactions with a client's pharmaceutical medications and cannabis compounds. We also discuss the outcome desired.a

Based on their desired outcome, each client receives a unique written report after I have researched to find, the best cannabis formulation and delivery system. along with other effective non-cannabis supplements and lifestyle recommendations. Simple lifestyle changes and other healing modalities can greatly contribute to the achievement of one's goals. I also guide clients in the easiest and safest way to self-administer their cannabis medicine, long term.

* I also work at a distance with clients via telephone or video calls.

Cannabis Education Hotline

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