Our Cannabis Educators

Dr. Lori Kanter

As a doctor and nutritionist, I am dedicated to enlightening individuals on their cannabis wellness journeys, providing insights, guidance, and scientific support.

At Universal Educational Services, Dr. Lori Kanter, a highly respected cannabis educator and seasoned healthcare professional, extends a warm and compassionate hand to guide individuals on their unique cannabis education and wellness journeys. With a wealth of knowledge as a doctor and a nutritionist, Dr. Kanter's practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive, client-centered care, ensuring that every individual's needs are not only met but deeply understood.

With a deep commitment to fostering an environment of trust and understanding, Universal Educational Services stands as a safe haven for those seeking clarity on the myriad ways cannabis can support their health and well-being. Dr. Kanter's approach is rooted in the belief that each client is on a distinct path, and she takes the time to listen, educate, and empower them. By seamlessly blending her medical expertise with her deep knowledge of nutrition and cannabis, Dr. Kanter offers holistic, science-based guidance to navigate the often complex world of cannabis. Whether you're exploring cannabis for pain management, overall wellness, or other health concerns, Universal Educational Services provides a caring and informed hand to accompany you on your educational and wellness journey.

Cannabis Education Hotline

Unsure about the potential benefits of cannabis for your well-being? Speak with experienced educators, nurses and doctors about cannabis products and solutions, to find the right questions to discuss with your healthcare provider. Learn More