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Debi Wimberley

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The Effective Cannabis Newsletter (ECN): A Monthly Global Collaboration Advocating for Accurate and Accessible Medical Cannabis Information.

The Effective Cannabis Newsletter (ECN) is distributed via e-mail monthly. We will feature rotating topics that vary each month, such as chronic pain, healthy lungs, healthy brains, etc.

The Effective Cannabis Newsletter (ECN) is a collaboration between Cannabis professionals from all over the world, attracting subscribers from around the globe.ECN Advocates are Cannabis Industry Professionals who have chosen to join our collaboration to help contribute content and spread the word about the efficacy and use of Medical Cannabis.Each issue will contain curated content, links, and resources vetted through our review process.We will deliver well-communicated information about Medical Cannabis that newcomers can understand.We utilize fact-checking, coupled with anecdotal evidence and personal stories, to present the most accurate, up-to-date, real-world evidence about Cannabis, its use as Medicine, and how one can utilize it as such for potential benefit, either personally or professionally.

Cannabis Education Hotline

Unsure about the potential benefits of cannabis for your well-being? Speak with experienced educators, nurses and doctors about cannabis products and solutions, to find the right questions to discuss with your healthcare provider. Learn More