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Bogie Hemp and Botanical Wraps

Bogie only uses organic cannabis-hemp flower, organic botanical and hemp wraps, and hemp derived cannabinoids, terpenes and distillate. 


Bogie Blunt Wraps: All-Natural Hemp

Bogie blunt tubes are made with all-natural hemp and do not contain any artificial flavorings or colors. Bogie has designed our wraps so that the flavor of the premium blunt tube never overpowers the flower and botanical contained within. We never use poor-quality industrial hemp to produce our wraps as our customers prefer premium blunt to simple and generic cones. We always use the highest-quality natural, cleanest smoking premium cannabis-hemp available and are confident you will be able to taste the difference. 

All of our hemp wraps are made right here in the US, to ensure the highest quality standards are met, and our product taste fresh, every time. Our in-house product development team prides itself on creating a fully organic experience that allows our cannabis-flower to be in perfect smoking harmony with the blunt wrap.


Bogie Cigar Wraps: Botanicals

Wine and Roses are alright, but Cannabis Cigars N Roses are much MUCH better! Made from real rose petals, these beautiful wraps smell amazing. burn great and provide a delicious experience during and after the cigar is finished. 

Born in Oakland, California, our rose petal wrapps are made from 100% organic rose petals and botanical ingredients. Coupled with our premium cannabis-hemp consumers will enjoy a smooth, slow burning smoke every time. 

100% tobacco & nicotine free.

Unlike other cigar paper you can take your time to truly enjoy the cigar experience once removed from their packaging. No need to rush, our formulation ensures that your cigar will remain at the right moisture level for quite some time, even after exposed to air.


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