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Blunt & Cigar Care

Basic instructions for re-hydrating blunts and cigars

Paper, and hemp wrap sometimes need a little bit of extra care and attention if they have been sitting around for some time. Unlike the typical pre-rolled cones made with paper, hemp and botanical wraps are less processed, contain more flavor and tend to dry unevenly. Because of this, it is best to store all of your products within dry cool packaging that reduces its exposure to air. 

We recommend you follow the below instructions from Boveda so you can rejuvenate and continue to enjoy your blunts and cigars

  1. Put blunts or cigars in an airtight container, like a tupperdor or humidor bag.
  2. Add Boveda 69% RH to rehydrate the blunts or cigars.
  3. In a month, remove a cigar and smoke it. If it’s great, congratulations. If it burns too hot, keep rehydrating the rest of the cigars with Boveda for another two weeks.

Alternatively, although not totally recommended, you can also add moisture to your blunts and cigars by using a handheld steamer in a pinch. You should be good to smoke after 5 - 10 min or periodic steaming. Just be careful not to burn yourself with the hot steam. 

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