Promoting Equity & Education

Our Mission, About Us & Our Promise

Our Mission

Consistent Quality & Everyday Good Vibes

Our mission is to create a trusted & ethical brand that offers every day relief through organic cannabis and CBD products for adults focused on living their best life. From cannabis topicals, to delectable edibles and experiences, each of our products are carefully crafted for any day enjoyment and reliable effects.

About Us

Savage, Classy, Bougie, Savvy

Inspired by our own adventure in seeking high-class cannabis brands that promote both sophistication, luxury and diversity, we decided to take matters into our own hands. As such, The MaryBrands was ideated, designed, and implemented to break the misinformed stereotypes of cannabis and to promote the magnificent nature of weed.

Not only are we BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) owned, but we are also dedicated to uplifting those in our community who have been marginalized or underserved. As the world is waking up to the numerous benefits of cannabis, we are here to lead the charge in revolutionizing this industry. 

As we value reinforcing a positive reputation for cannabis, we are adamant about following all government laws and regulations. This way, you can shop openly with the peace of mind that you are receiving high-quality cannabis products that are legal. For more information about The MaryBrands, we invite you to Contact Us at any time!

Our Founder

Dedicated to normalizing cannabis beyond the high 

Meet Our Founder, Michael Brown, who brings a fresh perspective to the cannabis industry. With a focus on normalizing cannabis beyond just recreation, Michael sees its vast potential as a medicinal and mental health solution to many common issues. Through The MaryBrands, he aims to provide a space for BIPOC and women-owned brands to showcase their diverse cannabis-infused products and experiences in elegant and educational ways.

With a 20-year successful entrepreneurial career spanning multiple sectors - from technology to real estate, Michael brings a unique perspective to the cannabis industry. What sets him apart is his love to take on the challenge of normalizing the beneficial applications of cannabis. Michael's dedication and passion have created a sustainable and diverse business operation that lives up to The MaryBrands' mission. Through an entrepreneurial approach to developing and growing a community-driven platform, The MaryBrands continues to open opportunities for those often forgotten and intentionally excluded, despite the industry's rapid expansion.

Drawing inspiration from his own personal journey seeking high-class cannabis brands that promote both sophistication, luxury and diversity, Michael launched The MaryBrands. His dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and crafting unique products has earned The MaryBrands a reputation for excellence and quality. He invites you to join the journey of celebrating cannabis in all its glory, one healing and elevated moment at a time.

Our Promise

An Exquisite Cannabis Experience

To all of our customers, it is our promise to always deliver artisan cannabis products that are created and packaged for freshness. We understand the importance of consistency and quality; therefore, we are adamant about conducting routine quality checks to ensure you receive a pristine delivery.

In addition, all components of our cannabis products are designed with top-notch sustainable materials for your health and the well-being of our planet. From the moment you “click” on our website to browse to the second you receive your package in the mail, we are committed to a convenient and seamless process.


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