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    Bath Products FAQs

    CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are two prominent compounds found in the cannabis plant, each with distinct properties and effects. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce a 'high.' Instead, it offers potential therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD products are often used for relaxation and stress management, making them suitable for various wellness applications.

    On the other hand, THC is psychoactive and responsible for the intoxicating effects commonly associated with cannabis. However, it's important to note that the THC offered by The MaryBrands is derived from hemp, containing minimal levels of THC and is unlikely to induce a high. Hemp-derived THC is used primarily for its potential relaxation and sedation effects, which can aid in sleep and relaxation.

    In summary, CBD is favored for its non-psychoactive nature and diverse therapeutic potential, while THC, even in its hemp-derived form, can provide relaxation benefits. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and desired effects, and The MaryBrands offers a range of options to cater to your unique wellness needs, all while prioritizing quality and education.

    Cannabis and hemp products can elevate your bathing experience in several ways. CBD-infused bath bombs and bath salts are popular options, as they offer relaxation and potential pain relief when added to your bathwater. These products can create a soothing environment that helps you unwind after a long day. Hemp-based bath oils or shower gels are excellent for hydrating and nourishing your skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. You can also find bath products infused with aromatic terpenes, which can enhance the overall sensory experience and promote relaxation. By incorporating cannabis and hemp-infused bath products into your routine, you can transform your bathing time into a spa-like ritual that benefits both your body and mind.

    There is a wide range of cannabis and hemp-infused bath products designed to cater to the unique needs of adults over 45. CBD bath salts and bath bombs can provide relaxation and help ease muscle tension, which can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing age-related aches and pains. Hemp-derived bath oils can deliver deep hydration to aging skin, promoting elasticity and a youthful appearance. Additionally, some products contain a blend of CBD and essential oils known for their calming and soothing properties, making them perfect for reducing stress and promoting a good night's sleep. These options offer a rejuvenating and pampering experience that addresses the specific needs and preferences of mature individuals, enhancing their overall well-being.

    Yes, you can seamlessly incorporate cannabis and hemp bath products into your existing skincare routine. These products are generally compatible with various skincare regimens, such as cleansing, exfoliating, or moisturizing. For example, CBD bath bombs or bath salts can provide relaxation and muscle relief before you proceed with your usual skincare steps. Hemp-infused bath oils can enhance the hydration and nourishment of your skin, which can be especially valuable for mature skin that requires extra care. The key is to choose products that align with your specific skincare goals and preferences. By integrating cannabis and hemp-infused bath products into your routine, you can elevate your skincare regimen to new levels of relaxation and rejuvenation, tailored to your individual needs.

    When using cannabis or hemp bath products, it's generally recommended to fill your bath with warm water, around 98-100°F (37-38°C), which is comfortable for most individuals. Soaking for approximately 15-30 minutes allows the cannabis and hemp-infused ingredients to work their magic. This duration provides ample time for relaxation, muscle relief, and the absorption of beneficial compounds into your skin. However, it's essential to monitor your body's response and adjust the temperature and duration to your comfort level. Some may prefer a shorter, invigorating bath, while others may enjoy a longer, more indulgent soak. Ultimately, the ideal bath experience with these products should be tailored to your preferences, ensuring a truly enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

    Cannabis and hemp bath products are generally well-tolerated and have few reported side effects. However, some individuals may experience mild reactions, such as skin irritation or allergic responses to specific ingredients. To minimize the risk of side effects, it's advisable to perform a patch test before using a new product. Apply a small amount to a discreet area of your skin and wait for any adverse reactions. If none occur, you can confidently incorporate the product into your bathing routine. Keep in mind that these side effects are typically rare and mild, and adjusting your product choice can often address them. By paying attention to your skin's response, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis and hemp-infused baths with confidence, creating a soothing and therapeutic experience tailored to your needs.

    The legality of CBD varies depending on your location and its source. In many regions, CBD derived from industrial hemp with minimal THC content (typically less than 0.3%) is legal for both medicinal and recreational use. Hemp-derived CBD products are widely available and legally accessible in various forms, including oils, capsules, and topicals.

    However, it's crucial to stay informed about your local laws and regulations, as some areas may have specific restrictions or requirements for CBD products. Additionally, the legal status of CBD can change over time, so it's advisable to keep up to date with the latest legal developments in your region.

    At The MaryBrands, we are committed to providing you with hemp-derived CBD products that comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We prioritize quality and education to ensure you have access to safe and legal CBD options for your wellness needs.


    The MaryBrands and its partners take product safety seriously, and hold it at the core of our commitment to our customers. As a family of brands, we insist on going above and beyond in not only the frequency and manner in which we test our products, but also, the transparency we exhibit for our customers and partners.