The Cannabis Educators' Conversation Principles and Rules

Principles and Rules to "The Cannabis Educators' Conversation." 

The following principles and rules will guide the interview process, fostering a respectful, informative, and inclusive environment that will benefit all of us.

1. Respect and Open-Mindedness:

  • Show respect for diverse perspectives and opinions inside and out of the cannabis industry.

2. Factual Accuracy:

  • Ensure that all information shared during the interview is factually accurate and based on credible sources.

3. Inclusivity and Diversity:

  • Prioritize inclusivity by featuring a diverse range of ideas, includingclients from various backgrounds, experiences, and concerns.

4. Educational Focus:

  • Keep the primary focus on education, information about cannabis, research findings, and practical knowledge all focused on benefiting our audience.

5. Responsible Messaging:

  • Ensure that discussions around recreational and medicinal cannabis are balanced and emphasize safety.


We acknowledge that we are not all perfect, but lets strive to be.