Tips for Hosting a Safe and Legal Cannabis-Infused Event

Here are some high-level topics to keep in mind when hosting a cannabis-infused event:

  • Research the laws in your area: This cannot be overstated enough. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area to ensure that you're hosting a legal and safe event.

  • Purchase legal and safe product: Purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary or vendor to ensure that it's legal and safe to consume.

  • Choose your forms of cannabis carefully: Different forms of cannabis have different regulations and safety considerations. Choose the forms that you'll be working with carefully and use them responsibly.

  • Dose carefully: It's important to dose cannabis carefully to avoid overconsumption. This is especially important when it comes to edibles, which can take longer to take effect than smoking or vaping.

Feeling overwhelmed?
Contact The MaryBrands, we can help you navigate the legal and safety considerations, and design a custom menu that incorporates different forms of cannabis.

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