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Warning: May result in improved skin, reduced pain, less grumpiness, impromptu dancing.

Improve Your Mood


Proceed with care! Could cause relaxation, deep rest, peaceful dreams and energy throughout the entire day.

Get Better Sleep


Side Effects: could induce a profound sense of empowerment, comfort, and confidence.

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Some of the Great Things Our Customers Say About Us


Soothing! I have been struggling to find a topical alternative to harsh chemicals to treat the irritation and itch of my scalp psoriasis. I love that the Caasi Scalp and Skin Soother helps with both, and doesn’t leave my hairline looking greasy. Awesome product!

Denver, CO

I really love this product! I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried it, but I definitely enjoyed how it made me feel and how quickly it worked its magic. 

San Diego, CA

Works great for menstrual inflammation!I am really excited to say I was out of ibuprofen today and grabbed this as a hail mary to get through the morning and was amazed at the results! I used on my lower back and lower abdomen and it worked wonders!